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2017 Ordinances
2017 Enrolled Ordinances (EO):
EO.1726: Amend Zoning at Laramie Regional Airport from AE to AV
EO.1727: Amend Title 15, Chapter 15.14 and Table 15.14.050-2
EO.1728: Amend Title 15, Typographical errors, incorrect cross references
EO.1729: Authority of City Manager 
EO.1730: Amend Title 12, Chapter 12.48 LMC
EO.1731: Amend Title 15, Chapter 15.14.080.C.4.C Design Standards- Garage 
EO.1732: Liquor Law Changes 
EO.1733: First Offender Treatment 
EO.1734: Amending Codes Regulating Buildings and Building Construction
EO.1735: Amend Zoning for Meadows Subdivision 
EO.1736: Amend LMC Chapters 5 & 12, Special Events & 24-Hour Alcohol Permits
EO.1737: Court Automation Fees 
EO.1738: Amend Title 5, Mobile Vending 

Last Updated September 27, 2017.

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