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2016 Resolutions
# Resolutions for 2016
  1  Assistance to fire Fighters Grant, FEMA
  2 Transfer of Right-of-way to WYDOT for const'n of Harney Street Overpass
  3 Shawver Tree fund Use Amendment
  4 Member to Laramie Regional Airport Board
  5 Feasibility Study ~Using Raw Water for Irrigating Turf & Green Space
  6 Funding for Cottonwood Estates Waterline Replacement Project
  7 Four Members to the Parks, Tree, & Recreation Advisory Board  
  8 Lease with Option to Purchase, Track Paver for Street Division 
  9 Transferring Unencumbered/Unexpended Balance from 1 fund to another 
 10 Three Members to Laramie Advisory Commission of Disabilities
 11 Bringing Equality to the Equality State
 12 Grant App for 2016 Urban & Community Forestry Tree Planting Grant
 13 Rev. Mosquito Control Program ~ Efficacy & Environmental Friendly
 14 Feasibility Study/Conceptual Design  for a Youth Sports Complex
 15 Board of Health vacancy & appointing 3 Members
 16 CDBG Grant for Roof Replacement & Repairs Laramie Plains Civic Center
 17 Designate Recreation Project Request Priorities to Albany Co. Rec Board
 18 FMR Grant for Design & Construction of Ivinson St. & Infrastructure.
 19 Support for the Ducks Unlimited Goforth Reservoir Project
 20 Waive Fees for Recreation Center for General Election
 21 Supporting Wyoming Early Childhood Comprehensive System Impact study 
 22 Certifying the 2016 Parks & Recreation Master Plan
 23 Postponed, not passed yet
 24 BRC Grant App for Expansion of Bright Agrotech
 25 Award & Expenditure of $282,818 to 22 Local Agencies
 26 Grant App to Make a Splash Foundation for $5,000 ~ Swim Lessons
 27 Adoption of West Nile Virus Plan 
 28 2016 Emergency Insect Management Program Grant $64,500 
 29 Amend Master Fee Schedule for Parks & Rec Dept, Effective 8.23.2016
 30 Lease with Option to Purchase, Street Sweeper for Street Division 
 31 Establish Use Control Area 971 Cedar, request by Laramie Rivers Cons Dist 
 32 Adopting Goals 7 Objectives for the City of Laramie for 2016  & 2017
 33 Proclaiming May 1-7, 2016, as International Compost Awareness Week 
 34 Acquisition of Wyoming Surplus Property 
 35 Accepting Funds from WY WDC for North Side Tank Project 
 36 Code of Conduct
 37 Designation Depositories for Depositing of Public Funds for Laramie
 38 Adopt the Bill Nye Avenue Corridor Study
 39 Annual Community Arbor Day & Tree Sale Celebration, June 11, 2016
 40 Apply to obtain a Bicycle Friendly Community Status
 41 approve new Planning, Zoning & Engineering Fee Schedule
 42 Appoint One Member to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
 43 Appoint One Member to the Civil Service Commission
 44 Appoint two Members to the Albany County Tourism Promotion JPB 
 45 Appropriation & Expenditure of Funds to Cover Expenditures FY 2016-18 
 46 Sponsor Friends of Community Recreation Events held in FY 2017
 47 Sponsor Freedom Has a Birthday Event, July 4, 2016
 48 Retroactive Extending Mobile Home Rec. Vehicle Park Licenses-June 30 2017
 49 Appoint One Member to the Parks, tree & Recreation Advisory Board
 50 Reimbursement Res. for equipment expenditures 
 51 Grant application submission to Nat'l Endowment for Art - "Art Works" grant
 52 Project Dev. Agrmnt  BRC for Empress Lot Redevelopment
 53 Transferring Unencumbered/Unexpended Balance, Amend FY 2014-16  
 54 Transferring Unencumbered/Unexpended Balance, Amend FY 2016-18 
 55 Donation of Funds, Raj Patel, Purchase Trees for Boulder Dr. Medians 
 56 Return the Naming of Ivinson Street to Ivinson Avenue 
 57 Change Regular Meeting date from Tue. August 16 to Mon. August 15, 2016
 58 Appointing 1 member to Environmental Adv Com w/ County Commissioners
 59 Authorizing sponsorship of Dog Day in the Park 
 60 Advocating the Preservation of Excise Tax on Electricity produced by Wind 
 61 Authorizing sponsorship of FCR Skate boarding competition
 62 Appointing 1 member to Parks,Tree & Recreation Advisory Board 
 63 Authorizing Grant for Business Award to HiViz
 64 Appointing 4 Members to Monolith Ranch Advisory Committee
 65 Appointing 1 Member to Building & Fire Code Board
 66 Appointing 1 Member to the Planning Commission 
 67 Appointing 1 Member to the Board of Health 
 68 Appointing 1 Member to Environmental Advisory Committee
 69 Appointing 3 Members to Traffic Commission
 70 Appointing 1 Member to Albany County Tourism Board
 71  WWDC Level III Construction funding request for North Side Tank Project
 72 To Develop a Full Pipe at LaBonte Skate Park 
 74 Grant Recreational Trails Program for Jacoby Ridge Rural Trail
 75 Donation of Real Property from Gemstone Holdings, LLC
 76 Transferring Unencumbered or Expended Funds for Biennial 2016-2018
 77 WY Dept of State Parks and Cultural Resources Grant for Scout Park 
 78 Fire Fighters Grant FEMA 
 79 Dissolution of Crime Victim-Witness Program Joint Powers Board 
 80 Amend Parks and Recreation Master Fee Schedule
 81 Appointing One Member to Environmental Advisory Committee 
 82 EPA Brownfields Study 
  Updated January 11, 2017.

City Hall: 406 Ivinson Ave.   |   Laramie, WY 82070   |   Ph: (307) 721-5200   |   Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm