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2016 Ordinances
2016 Enrolled Ordinances (EO):
EO.1694: Vacate 0.23 acres Right-of-Way, W. of Pierce, E. of W. Laramie Gardens
EO.1695: Rezoning about 38.27 acres N. or Huron & E. of US Hwy 287
EO.1696: Timely Removal of Accumulated Snow & Ice on City Sidewalks
EO.1697: Amend LMC Driving Under the Influence.
EO.1698: Amend Section 5.09.800(E)(1) of Laramie Municipal Code "Hearing"
EO.1699: Amend Section 15.22.050, Nonconforming Mobile Homes
EO.1700: Use of Handheld Electronic Wireless Communication Devices ~ Driving
EO.1701: Mosquito Control Fee
EO.1702: Cable Franchise Bresnan Communications, LLC
EO.1703: Annexation of 93 Acres located on NE corner of I-80 & Curtis St.
EO.1704: Zoning 93 Acre Area at NE corner of I-80 & Curtis as B2 (Business) Dist
EO.1705: Amend Title 15 LMC, Effective Determination of Value for Rights-of-Way
EO.1706: Amend Title 15 LMC, Permitting H/Motels  in C2, Light Industrial in I2
EO.1707: Adopt the 2015 International Fire Code, with exceptions.
EO.1708: Enact Chapter 10.13 LMC, Defensive Driving Dismissal Program
EO.1709: Amend Section 2.01.010, delete 020, 030, 070, 080, 090, 210, 220, &230
EO.1710: Amend Title 8 LMC, Heath & Safety Standards for Mobile Homes, etc.
EO.1711: Amend Ch 15 LMC Re Mobile Home Parks, Mnftd Home Communities. etc.
EO.1712: Vacating a 1,145.61 sq. ft. Alley Right-of-Way, Block 46, Downey's Add.
EO.1713: Vacating a 4,224 sq.ft. Alley Right-of-Way, Block 1, University Place Add.
EO.1714: Amend Title 15 LMC, Turner Tract Overlay Development Standards
EO.1715: Amend Sect 10.24.030(H) LMC, DUI  
EO.1716: Amend Title 13, Div IV, Chapter 62 LMC to Regulate Solid Waste Fees
EO.1717: Amend Parking
EO.1718: Amend Sect 9.12.010,9.12.030 and 9.16.070 LMC, Disorderly Conduct
EO.1719: Amend Title 15 Landscaping Requirements
EO.1720: Redesignating the name of Ivinson Street to Ivinson Avenue
EO.1721: Amend Title 15, Conditional Uses in DC District
EO.1722: Amend Zoning at 2159 Snowy Range Road from B2 to B2 with ROB
EO.1723: Amend Catering Permits for Special Events
EO.1724: Water Rates 2017
EO.1725: Wastewater Rates 2017

Reviewed December 21, 2016.

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