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2013 Resolutions
# Resolutions for 2013
 1  Designating Official Newspaper
 2 Appoint a Member to the Civil Service Commission
 3  Authorizing Extra-Territorial Sewer Service, 2951 Snowy Range Road
 4 Daniels Fund Grant, $9,000 Youth Speed Skating Prgm, Ice & Event Center
 5 Appoint 1 Temporary Member to Civil Service Commission
 6 Appoint Mayor & President of Laramie City Council
 7 Appoint Vice-Mayor & Vice-President of Laramie City Council
 8 Board & Commission Appointments for City Council Member
 9 CDBG for Elimination of Blight Located at 975 N. Cedar Street
 10 App to ACTB for Grant $2,000 for 2013 Laramie Youth Basketball Tournament
 11 App to WCF for Grant $12,391.60, Purchase of Emergency Medical Equipment
 12 Support for Several Legislative Issuse Before WY State Legislature
 13 Add'l Funds NTE $100,000,Police Dept Replace Equipment & Supplies lost to fire 
 14 App to Forestry Div. for Tree Planting NTE $5,000, E Grand Ave Beautification
 15 Recreation Pjt Priorities to ACRD for Funding FY 2014 
 16 Tax-Exempt Leave Purchase Agreement, Solid Waste Scraper
 17 Appoint Members to the Planning Commission 
 18 Fed. MIneral Royalty Const. Acct Grant Application, WyoLink Radios
 19 FMRC Acct Grant Application, Bomb Vehicle,Bomb Robot, & Other Supplies
 20 FMRC Acct Grant Application, Install 4000 Ft. Sewer Main Replcmnt Pipe
 21 Kaboom! Playful City USA Application, Oct 5, 2013 Laramie Day of Play
 22 Adopting the Downtown Development Plan, Cert. Planning Comm. Action 
 23 Recognizing City's Admin Services Dept. for Excellence in Gov'l Budgeting
 24 Appoint Members to the Planning Commission
 25 Council Code of Conduct
 26 Appropriations Balance Transfer
 27 2013 Emergency Insect Management Program Grant
 28 Community Dev. Block Grant, Cleveland St Cleanup
 29 Recognizing Laramie Main Street Alliance,
 30 Appoint Member to Tourism Joint Powers Board
 31 Appoint Member to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities
 32 Amend Appropriations for FY 2012-13 Budget for the City
 33 Designating Depositories for Public Funds
 34 Appoint 2 Members to the Monolith Ranch Advisory Committee
 35 Appoint Member to Urban Systems Advisory Committe
 36 Appoint Member from Planning Comm. to Parks, Trails & Rec Master Plan
 37 Lease, Option to Purchase, Tractor Scraper for Solid Waste
 38 Lease, Option to Purchase, Mack Dual Side Arm Collection Truck
 39 Master Fee Schedule for Parks & Recreation Department
 40 Designate June 8, 2013 as Arbor Day in the City of Laramie 
 41 Amendment of Future Land Use Map
 42 Local Improvement District for Romsa-Cottonwood Estates
 43 Appropriations Balance Transfer
 44 Budget for Fiscal Year 2013/14
 45 Extend Mobile Home Park Licenses - June 2014, for Amendments to Pending Ord.
 46 Certify Planning Commission Action on Future Land Use Map
 47 Failed - SupportBLM Management Plan for Section 4, 16/72.
 48 Appoint Member to Traffic Commission
 49 HIVIZ Business Community Ready Grant 
 50 HIVIZ Business Community Ready Loan
 51 WYDOT Transporation Alternatives Program - Cirrus Sky Tech Park Trail
 52 2013 Parks & Recreation Master Fee Schedule, Effective August 1, 2013
 53 Appropriations Balance Transfer
 54 Appoint Member to Albany County Tourism Board
 55 Sliding Family IncomeScale for School Age Child Care Program
 56 Community Block Grant, Special Purpose Tax Revision, Rock River
 57 Appropriations Balance Transfer
 58 Appoint Member to Downtown Development Authority 
 59 Grant Application for Public Art
 60 WWDC Application for Water Tank to Serve North Laramie 
 61 WWDC Applicatin for Updated Water Management Plan
 62 Appoint as Special Prosecutor, Tony Lopez
 63 Appropriations Balance Transfer
 64 FMR, SLIB for Public Safety Equipment Storage
 65 FMR, SLIB Sewer Main Replacement
 66 FMR, SLIB, Fire Truck Replacement
 67 WWDC Grant, Water Tank for North Laramie 
 68 WWDC Grant, Level II Award, Updated Water Management Plan for City
 69 Accept Donation of Land, Dooley Oil, for Park, Greenbelt, & Open Space
 70 Amend Rec Center/Ice & Event Center Photograph/Video Imaging 
 71 Designation Dog Friendly Areas & Times Within City Parks
 72 County Wide Consensus Block Grant
 73 Request WYDOT Design Boulder/Bill Nye Intersection as a T-Intersection
 74 Appoint Member to Board of Health
 75 Legal Representation for Boards and Commissions, FAILED
 76 One Half-Time Full Employee
 77 Accepting Laramie Main Street Alliance Donation of Artistic Bike Racks
 78 Turner Tract Area Plan Update
 79 Appoint Member to Airport Joint Powers Board
 80 Appoint Three Members to Laramie Plains Civic Center Joint Powers Board
 81 Master Fee Schedule for Parks and Recreation  
 82 Bonding Lease Option to Buy 10 Cu YD Dump Truck 
 83 Bonding Lease Option to Buy 5 Cu YD Dump Truck
 84 FEMA Incident Command Certification Grant
 85 Appoint Three Members to Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities 
 86 Appoint Member to Planning Commission
 87 Appoint Member to Enviornmental Advisory Committee
 88 Appoint Three Members to the Traffic Commission
 89 Appoint Member to the Board of Health
 90 Loan South Larmie Water Line Extention Project
 91 Certifying Planning Commission Action, Amend Future Land Use Map 3.2 
 92 Wyoming Arts Council, Partners Grant for Strategic Public Art Plan
 93 Appoint 3 Members to Parks, Tree & Recreaton Advisory Board 
 94 Appoint Member Laramie Plains Civic Center JPB passed as R2014-06
 95 Appoint Member to Civil Service Commission
 96 Appoint Temporary Member to Civil Service Commission
 97 FY 2013-14 Budget Adjustment 
 98 Grant Application for Imperial Heights Park  
 99 Grant Apllication for Trail Enhancements at Cirrus Sky Technology Park

Updated to November 5, 2013, items will be added upon signature.

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